BHYC Beginnings

Throughout its 25 years, Bay Harbor Yacht Club has boasted a rich history of bringing families and life-long friends together. Whether a lively concert on the beach, cocktails on the Quarter Deck, or our annual 3rd of July party, BHYC is truly a place for friends and family to gather. Summer 2021 has been no different. With the completion of the Club’s massive renovation and the celebration of BHYC’s 25th Anniversary, members have plenty to celebrate and reflect on as we honor how much the Club has grown over the years.

Prior to the Club’s establishment in 1996, visionary and developer David Johnson saw the potential of the land the BHYC currently sits on, imploding an old cement plant and transforming it into what we now know as stunning Bay Harbor Lake, the Yacht Club, and the surrounding neighborhoods. The project would eventually become one of the largest land reclamation projects in North America. Since the land was initially developed, BHYC has grown tremendously over the years, and our 25th Anniversary has given us a chance to reflect on how far we have come.

A Growing Community

BHYC has grown to meet the needs of its membership by consistently focusing on members first and foremost. Major renovation projects such as the construction of the Lange Center in 2008 and our recent renovation project have all been member-driven projects, ensuring that the expansion of the Club is in line with the needs of the membership.

Currently, the Club has nearly 700 active members, and is showing no signs of slowing down. With active real estate development in the surrounding communities, high interest from homebuyers, and family-friendly appeal, BHYC has become a haven in Northern Michigan.

Building on Perfection

This year was particularly special for the Club, as the 25th Anniversary also marked the completion of the Club’s $13 million dollar Building on Perfection renovation projects. The renovations expanded, refurbished, and redesigned nearly every area of Bay Harbor Yacht Club. The grand opening of the new Relaxation Spa, The Grille Room, The Aquatics Center, and the renovation of the Bay View Dining Room and Harbor View Lounge have ensured that BHYC members have access to world-class amenities.

Celebrating 25 Years

2021 marked the 25th Anniversary of the Club, and members certainly took the celebrations to heart. Among the festivities were “25 Days of BHYC”, where members could enjoy various “25” themed offerings, such as $25 bottles of wine, 25-minute meditation sessions, or $2.50 Margaritas in the days leading up to the Gala.

The Club’s 25th Anniversary Gala, however, was certainly the highlight of the summer. The Lange Center was entirely decked out in silver and a shimmering ice sculpture stole the show as the centerpiece of the party. Cocktails on the Quarter Deck, a slideshow commemorating the past 25 years, and the incomparable sounds of the Simone Vitale Band ensured a festive night for everyone. Bay Harbor Yacht Club has come a long way since 1996, and we are looking forward to the years ahead.