Putting Members First.

In these unprecedented times, Americans are learning how to adjust to the new normal.  Michigan’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order is requiring residents to modify their routines, work and educate their children from home and use new outlets to stay healthy in body and mind.  As the world continues to change around us, where better to shelter in place than Bay Harbor?  Its natural beauty and safe surroundings make it the perfect location to stay healthy and connected.  The Club’s Board of Directors and management team has made the safety and needs of its membership and staff top priority.  Here are just a few of the ways the Club is has helped keep its members engaged and connected:

Curbside Carryout and Delivery

Members do not have to wait to enjoy their favorite menu items!  Curbside dining carryout and delivery within the Bay Harbor community is available.

Holiday Meals To-Go

Featuring Club favorites and classic brunch items, members were able to celebrate Easter and Mother’s Day with their families, while enjoying a delicious and hearty meal prepared by BHYC’s talented culinary team.

Essential Supplies

Members can purchase a supply of essential, difficult to find items, including toilet paper, paper towel, antibacterial wipes, non-perishables and more.

Market Baskets

Fresh and delicious baskets filled with fresh produce have been made available to members, decreasing their visits to the grocery stores.

Take and Shake Smoothie Kits

Available in a variety of delicious flavors, members can order local Purple Beet Smoothies directly from the Club.  All that’s needed is a blender, liquid of choice and a smoothie pack.  No chopping, dicing, peeling, measuring or scooping required for this healthy and delicious meal available in just minutes!

Don't Forget the Quarantine Cocktails!

Club Sommelier, James MacLean, and Assistant Food and Beverage Manager, Josh Kingsbury, have continuously offered fun mixology techniques and recipes to make at home.  View their suggestions of easy to make cocktails HERE.

Fitness and Wellness

Wellness Director, Chris Naden, has provided suggestions within the Club’s weekly emails featuring ideas to stay healthy, get moving and keep limber at home.  Walking, running and biking along the Little Traverse Wheelway and community roads, is always a resident favorite to keep in shape, while taking in the beautiful views.  Just be sure to use social distancing measures!

Virtual Events

The Club’s Programs and Activities Committee is always on the search for fun projects to keep members engaged.  Virtual escape rooms, tours, games and more help pass the time and keep members entertained.

Virtual Photo Album

The Club facilitated photo sharing where members can submit photos of what they’ve been up to or their favorite BHYC memories.  The photos were shared throughout the membership and has been a great way to stay connected.

Homemade Masks

BHYC’s crafty member volunteers have created countless homemade masks for adults and children.  Masks were made available to any member or staff in need of a mask.

As times are changing, BHYC continues to make improvements to best fit its members’ health and needs.  While it is an unusual time in history, members at BHYC can relax and enjoy the time spent with family a little easier.  The Club is committed to providing a level of services that stands out from the rest, in any circumstances.

Thank you to our dedicated team!