Two Beautiful Clubs Along the Shores of Lake Michigan

Bay Harbor Yacht Club has served as the social center of the stunning Bay Harbor community in Northern Michigan for nearly a quarter of a century. The Club’s rich history of recreation, relaxation, and outstanding services have earned BHYC Elite Status as a Distinguished Club of the World – an award granted to BHYC yearly since 2015. Fortunately for its members, Bay Harbor Yacht Club shares a stunning view of Lake Michigan with Bay Harbor Golf Club, which is just minutes away. Members of both the Yacht Club and the Golf Club not only enjoy perks for joining both Clubs, but receive outstanding service and memorable experiences at both venues.

Imagine teeing up along the Lake Michigan shore, just in time to witness the breathtaking sunrise over the green — and then making a quick getaway to Bay Harbor Yacht Club for a day of boating, relaxation, and fine dining. Members of Bay Harbor Golf Club and Bay Harbor Yacht Club enjoy both unmatched Club experiences daily. Seasoned residents marvel at not only at the vivid scenery of Bay Harbor Yacht Club’s stunning views, but also Bay Harbor Golf Club’s three distinctive golf landscapes – The Links, The Quarry, and The Preserve.

The Links

Taking its lead from the dramatic courses that hug Ireland’s North Atlantic coastline, The Links is situated on the beautiful Lake Michigan shore, with miles of uninterrupted views up and down the lakefront. Accented by towering bluffs and windblown dunes, The Links 9 demonstrates Arthur Hills design at its finest, combining the course’s unique topography with the native environment to achieve golf’s greatest promise as both a sport – and a lifestyle. Beautiful Michigan weather and an offshore breeze, matched with the course’s careful design will make any day on The Links one to remember.

The Quarry

Like The Links, The Quarry epitomizes Arthur Hills’ unique ability to leverage existing terrain in the creation of something distinctive and brilliant. Located in and around the remains of a massive shale quarry, this unrivaled course claims some of the golfing world’s most dramatic features. From 40-foot gorges and stone cliffs to natural ponds and a gentle waterfall, each hole will leave players with more than exquisite views. But beyond the scenery, The Quarry rewards well-planned tee shots, and approaches that truly hit their spots.

The Preserve

Nestled into the hardwood forest that hugs the distinctive Lake Michigan shore, The Preserve is a favorite that is nothing short of a sanctuary. One round on this course will take players winding through a classic northern Michigan landscape, through wildflowers, lush grass, and native wetlands filled with an abundance of wildlife. Just imagine the sounds of breaking waves and bustling flora and fauna throughout, with the most notable views awaiting at the finish. In typical Arthur Hills fashion, The Preserve leaves players with a spectacular par-3 situated right on the Lake Michigan shoreline.

Tee Up Your Club Membership

"For the current 2021 season, BHGC is offering 20% off application fees when new members join both Bay Harbor Yacht Club and Bay Harbor Golf Club"

Bay Harbor Golf Club provides members with unmatched benefits to enjoy the natural wonders amongst a “guilty pleasure” game of golf. For the current 2021 season, BHGC is offering 20% off application fees when new members join both Bay Harbor Yacht Club and Bay Harbor Golf Club, including the following benefits – complimentary Cart Plan for the 2021 Golf Season, custom engraved wooden bag tag, points for your application fee, and one complimentary GEARS fitting or lesson for the 2021 Golf Season. Learn more about the Golf Club here.